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The Liberal Democrats have advocated for citizen-trusting, freedom-loving and small government policies since 2001.


A real worker for real change.

Our principles and enduring values are to cultivate a society of peace and prosperity based on individual freedom, personal responsibility, private property rights and voluntary association.

Barry has been about care, service and solutions for the people of Lake Macquarie for thirty years.

Living in Lake Macquarie since 1991, Barry started as a public hospital maxillofacial surgeon caring for victims of facial fractures, infections and cancer.

When the Royal Newcastle Hospital was slated for closure by the NSW Liberal Government in 1991, Barry’s problem solving idea stopped them cold from closing the Royal down.

Back in 1983, Barry’s first passion as a newly minted dentist from Sydney’s West, was caring for adults with severe disabilities at Westmead Hospital.

When NSW sufferers of infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B, many of the latter being Asian refugees, were stuck untreated on the NSW public waiting list in the 1980’s, Barry problem solved by volunteering to commence the first NSW public dental clinic for sufferers of infectious disease at Westmead Hospital.

At age 48, Barry joined the Army Reserve, volunteering to help at remote Aboriginal communities. As a civilian aid volunteer, Barry visits Papua New Guinea, 12 times so far. Barry continues to care for his community of Lake Macquarie at his Charlestown and Toukley practices.

Barry has stepped up as our candidate for Shortland, as like you, he cares about solving the big problems facing our community of Lake Macquarie and facing Australia.

Living costs exploding, children behind in school, workers under threat, our cherished freedoms crushed, our nation’s safety now at risk.

Our vision for a brighter future for our children, our community and our country

Keep our real jobs going right now, by ending renewable subsidies and ending the ruinous net-zero emissions target. The net-zero emissions target will gravely affect all our living standards.

Instead of mining, manufacturing and power workers depending on fake and far off job transition promises, restore a level playing field for all energy producers to lower costs, grow our industries and grow jobs.

Effective bush hazard reduction, better management and conservation to prepare for, prevent and reduce local bushfires.

Not just more transport studies but ending traffic congestion by actually building better roads so you can get home to your family from work sooner.

Better local health access within our electorate, north, south and in between.

Attacks on free speech are disastrous for democracy and free societies.

The right to free speech must be enshrined in the Australian Constitution.
Freedom from Covid alarmism with the instant ending of all government enforced COVID restrictions.

FREEDOM FROM SURVEILLANCE - get rid of big brother
Mass surveillance laws are an attack on our right to privacy and must be wound back.

MAKE RECALL ELECTIONS AVAILABLE to keep power-mad politicians in check
Giving citizens the power to hold accountable those politicians who bulldoze our freedoms.

Ending $7 billion of renewable subsidies saves an average $840 every household every year.

Stop government over-regulating the power industry and allow private energy providers to produce all types of energy, including nuclear power.

Modern nuclear power has been found the safest and the cleanest, with a lower carbon footprint than renewables and no external environmental pollution, unlike all other forms of energy production including renewables. It is cost-competitive.

Its use ends the climate wars.

Nuclear power means reliability, efficiency, safety and affordable electricity prices again.

Increase your own prosperity with:


A flat-rate 20% income tax for individuals and business with a personal $40,000 tax-free threshold.

Voluntary superannuation means 10% more income today that can reduce your home mortgage, instead of super fees forever.
Superannuation should be voluntary, simplified and with no superannuation rate increase.

Cutting red tape for small business as it hinders growth and means more profit and more leisure time for you - as time is money.
Our aim is cutting red tape to cut the massive national debt.

Education spending has skyrocketed over recent years while education standards have dropped. Taking power away from Government bureaucracies to allow competition and school choice.

Decentralised funding of students, not institutions, for better local schools and better teaching standards.

Due to our current gaping critical defence weaknesses, and increasing threats, real dangers to our nation’s safety are present right now.

Both major parties have done nothing to protect us better within the next five year danger period.

We will. We alone are serious about stronger defence right now.

Dr Barry Reed - Liberal Democrats Candidate

Vote for real change instead of more of the same

Liberal Democratic Party of Australian Politics

For a brighter future for our community, our country and our children


A real worker for real change

Vote for real change instead of more of the same

Dr Barry Reed - Liberal Democrats Candidate
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